How Much Does It Cost to Remove Wisdom Teeth in Sydney?

13 December 2021

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Wisdom Teeth in Sydney?

The chances are you’re a lot better off without wisdom teeth. These troublesome molars serve no function but can damage your long-term oral health and general wellbeing.

The problem is that 90 percent of us don’t have room in our mouth for wisdom teeth, which often grow in at a skewed angle or stay buried in the gum.

This is why wisdom teeth removal has become standard practice recommended by dentists to prevent future complications.

It’s also why many people in Sydney want to know how much wisdom teeth extraction costs and whether you can get help to pay for the procedure.

So let’s find out…

What Affects the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth removal in a major city like Sydney tends to be less expensive than in rural areas.

For example, extractions at our Wisdom Teeth Sydney dental centre cost from $300 per tooth. The exact price depends largely on the complexity of the procedure.

Many factors affect the level of extraction difficulty, including:

  • Angle of the tooth and its roots.
  • Whether the tooth is covered by gum tissue and jaw bone.
  • Jaw bone that’s difficult to penetrate.

Wisdom teeth that have fully emerged through the gum line can be removed more easily, especially if the roots are still growing.

Misaligned wisdom teeth and those lodged in the gum can make extraction more difficult and therefore more costly. In some cases, for instance, a wisdom tooth may have to be removed piece by piece.

How Wisdom Teeth Extraction Can Save You Money

Wisdom tooth removal can be a good investment in your future dental and general health and save you money in the long term by avoiding problems such as:

  • Damage to nearby teeth.
  • Cysts or tumours in the jaw.
  • Orthodontic problems arising from crowded teeth.
  • Increased risk of oral disease through infection.

Treating oral health issues like these can cost a lot more than prompt wisdom teeth extraction in the first place.

Leaving problem wisdom teeth in place can also lead to:

  • Spread of infection from your mouth to other areas of your body, including vital organs.
  • Headaches or sinus issues.
Making Wisdom Teeth Extraction More Affordable

It may be tempting to delay extraction if your wisdom teeth don’t appear to be giving you any trouble yet. Bear in mind, though, research has shown that wisdom teeth can be unhealthy without initially exhibiting symptoms.

Putting off wisdom teeth extraction can make the procedure more complicated and costly, but not everyone has the financial resources to cover treatment costs immediately. Neither is Medicare likely to help.

The solution is to find a dentist like Wisdom Teeth Sydney who offers a range of interest-free, flexible payment plans that allow you to spread the cost of your extraction procedure over time.

Call us on (02) 8045 5139 to find out more about how our payment plans make wisdom teeth removal more affordable.

Private health insurance may also cover part of the cost of wisdom teeth removal, depending on your health fund and level of cover.